Summer Academy 2006
 Summer Academy 2007



Day 1 - What is Human Security? Definitions and Analysis

Franziska Walter and Ralph Zettl: "Welcome adress"

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Gerd Oberleitner: "The concept of human security"

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Oberleitner.MP3  MB

Wolfgang Benedek: "The interdependence between human security, human development and human rights"

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Day 2 morning - Human Security and Policing

Wolfgang Benedek: "Human security and personal security"

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Karl-Heinz Grundböck: "Human security and the police"

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Day 2 afternoon - The Global Legal Framework against Terrorism

Walter Gehr: "The global legal framework against terrorism"

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Day 3 - The Concept of Organised Crime

Almir Maljevic: "The concept of organised crime"

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Day 4 - The Relationship between Terrorist and Criminal Organisations and Society

Hans-Jörg Albrecht: "Terrorism, organised crime and Society"

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Anna-Maria Getos: "The relationship between terrorist organisations and society"

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Georgios Kolliarakis: "Networks as organisational form of terrorist and criminal groups"

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Day 5 - Corruption and Organized Crime

Ledina Mandia: "Corruption: the features and the dimension"

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Jean Luc Gobin: "The work of the European Union police mission in Sarajevo"



Day 6 - Rule of Law

Nicholas Dorn: "Exploring and contrasting dynamics of international administrative measures and criminal law"

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Drew Engel: "The work of the Special Department for Organized Crime (SDOC) at the International Prosecutor Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina"

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Day 7 - Human Rights, Human Security and Democracy

Iztok Prezelj: "Freedom, human rights and security: theory and case studies on counter terrorism"

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Wolfgang Benedek: "Counter-terrorism and human rights"

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Day 8 - Civil Society and Good Governance

Valon Murati: "Civil society in Kosovo"

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Miroslav Zivanovic: "Civil society and good governance"

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