Summer Academy 2006
 Summer Academy 2007

Special focus on the impact of transnational terrorist and criminal organisations on the peace-building process in the Western Balkan region

Graz, 20 – 30 July 2008

The Summer Academy is part of the project HUMSEC – Human Security in the Western Balkan region: the impact of transnational terrorist and criminal organisations on the peace-building process of the region realised in the 6th Framework Programme

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The Summer Academy 2008 is additionally supported by:




 Knowhow Transfer Center of the Austrian Association of Cities and Towns with funds of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA)













 Karl Franzens University of Graz

Human Rights City of Graz

 Bureau for Security Policy at the Austrian Ministry of Defence

 The Province of Styria




The HUMSEC project is supported by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme "Integrating and Strengthening the European Research Area". The homepage is managed by the European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy - ETC Graz.