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Portuguese Institute for International Relations and Security

The Portuguese Institute for International Relations and Security (IPRIS) is a non-profit and independent NGO, which initiated formally its activities in November 2001. The objective of IPRIS is to deal with international relations major issues from a securitary, multidisciplinary and transnational perspective. IPRIS aims at developing a comprehensive vision in order to anticipate international security's threats and uncertainties.

The main purpose of IPRIS is therefore to conduct studies on Portuguese foreign policy and international politics, thus contributing to collective security, the defence of human rights and the development of an intercultural dialogue between peoples.

IPRIS produces ideas, opinions, proposals and recommendations to foster political and academic thinking, hence contributing to the maturation process of political, economic and social decisions. In order to pursue and develop its projects, IPRIS seeks both institutional and private funding.




Joao Domingues


Position: team leader


Tel: + 351 21 386 79 97






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