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HUMSEC Journal
Issue 2






Challenges in Conceptualizing and Providing Human Security

Iztok Prezelj


How Should the Human Rights Community Strategically Position Itself towards the Concept of Human Security?

Santhosh Persaud


Between ‘Messy Aftermath’ and ‘Frozen Conflicts’: Chimeras and Realities of Sustainable Peace

Francesco Strazzari


World Society on the Couch: Anti Terror Consultancy as an Object and Test Bed of Professional Sociology Steffen Roth and Jens Aderhold


Macedonia 2001: New or Old War? The Influence of Transnational Terrorist and Criminal Organizations on the State and on the Society in Macedonia

Ivana Tomovska


Foreign Terrorist Groups and Rise of Home-grown Radicalism in Azerbaijan

Anar Valiyev


Kosovo’s Post-independence Inter-clan Conflict

Tzvetomira Kaltcheva


Tribunals vs. Truth: ICTY and TRC in the Case of the Former Yugoslavia

Beyazit Akman


An Exploration of Transformation of Criminality and Human Exploitation within the Network Society

Yuliya Zabyelina


Empowering Victims of Human Trafficking: the Role of Support, Assistance and Protection Policies

Alline Pedra Jorge - Birol



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