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The working paper series aims at publishing the papers presented at the annual conferences. Additonally papers written by partners of the HUMSEC Consortium are published. A public Call for Papers has been released on this website. Authors interested  to present an article can fill the Form and submit an abstract online

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. The best proposals selected by the HUMSEC partner institutions will be then invited to present their paper at the annual conference.

Working Papers

1. Dejan Anastasijevic, Organized Crime in the Western Balkans

2. Bojan Dobovsek, Transnational Organised Crime in the Western Balkans

3. Drew Engel, Organized Crime and Terrorism in the Balkans: Future Risks and Possible Solutions

4. Selvete Gerxhaliu, Human Security, Organized Crime and Terrorism Challenges in Kosova’s Perspective

5. Vassilios Grammatikas, EU Counter-terrorist Policies: Security vs. Human Rights?

6. Edin Jahic, Development of Events in Bosnia and Herzegovina Following the 11th September 2001

7. Nicholas Kaufman, Problems Encountered in Investigating and Prosecuting Conspiracies to Commit Terrorist Offences




8. Vlado Azinovic, Challenges to International Security: the Case of Bosnia-Herzegovina

9. Drew Engel, Interactions of the International Community, State Institutions, Civil Society, and Illegal Organizations and their Impacts upon Post-Conflict Capacity Building in the Justice System in Bosnia

10. Amel Fako, The Role of External Actors in the Fight against Trafficking in Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina

11. Garren Mulloy, Adapting Militaries to Peacekeeping and Policing Roles: The Effects of Peacekeeping on Militaries and the Stresses and Strains of Operations

12. Zarije Seizovic, Constitutional Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina: „Civil State" of Constituent Peoples

13. Uros Svete, Is Internet a New Space for Waging a War? The Case of the Islamic Fundamentalists and their Opponents

14. Islam Yusufi, Reform Processes in the Area of Security Sector and their Influence on Security Governance




15. Max Spencer-Dohner, LGBT Minorities as Easy Targets: A Case Study of the Specificities and Commonalities with Other Neglected Endangered Groups in the Context  of Nationalism-Dominated Societies

16. Dragan Djukanovic, The Post -conflict Integration of Minority Communities in Kosovo

17. Dragana Dulic, Peace-building and Human Security: Kosovo Case

18. Marko Attila Hoare, The Serbia-Kosovo Dispute as a Factor of Instability in the Balkans




Additional Papers

1. European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (ETC) (ed), Human Security: Fighting Terrorism and Organized Crime: (Normative) Decisions Related to Terrorism and Organized Crime of International Organizations (this study was produced by the ETC in its function as member of the HUMSEC 3 group)