The HUMSEC project is supported by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme "Integrating and Strengthening the European Research Area". The homepage is managed by the European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy - ETC Graz.

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Partner Institutions

The HUMSEC consortium consists of university and research institutes of criminal and international law, security and defence studies, international relations, criminology as well as human right centres.

The project partners comes not only from European countries: a particular focus in the composition of the consortium has been paid to the participation of researchers from the Western Balkan region. With the only exception of Macedonia, all Western Balkan countries are represented in the consortium. Particular attention has also been given on the variety and equal distribution of scientific disciplines to allow a truly interdisciplinary scientific dialog.

The specific skills of the partners will supplement the opportunity to contribute to a better understanding of the link between transnational terrorist groups and criminal organisations in the Western Balkans and their role in the peace-building process in the region.